Knowledge, Identity, Vision, Compassion, Justice, Reality and Humor.

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What’s in a name?  What does your name mean to you?


I know what my name means to me — what does your name mean to you?

I collaborate with organizations and leaders in a range of sectors, including corporate, nonprofit, government, technology, media, and academia.  My interests are polymathic, and learning is continual. My work --  researching, writing, producing real stories and messages  --  is conducted in this light, connected by integrity and compassion.

Cultural affairs and inclusive innovation are subject-matter specialties. I produce communications on population demographics through the lenses of education, economics, and consumer behavior, among other pillars.

Platforms and channels matter, but here they take a backseat to the clear expression of big ideas.



Creative storytelling informed by Socratic inquiry, data, and the process of verification. Through communication we can improve understanding, and make lasting positive impacts.

Whatever your name, however you define your identity and story, you are welcome here. The discussions are transparent, and aimed at a singular goal: Uncovering truths, and locating reality-based solutions that emphasize our common humanity.

Thanks for visiting. You’ll find here samples of ideas, stories, and projects I’ve produced. Feel to free chime in at my blog, or drop a line if you’d like to collaborate.

Let’s find and grow great ideas.